A picture of the Place

A picture of the Place

Hello, Friends!

Lately I introduced you with country living! Today I want to show the magic of walking. I could describe it only in context with myself, because I have no idea whether it is exactly the same meaning and the same feelings cause for others.

I will try to sketch how it works for me…

Primavera | When March looking into eyes of Winter | 2017 | Photo Christianne Zimmermann

Daily I walk 2h length, because I needed activity. Thus I have regularity, discipline and at least one activity in my schedule. When changed my daily rhythm from 8h dancing/moving every day, I have accepted just few dance hours in evenings, this proved to be far short!  Taking a walk through Saulkrasti Sea Park is a process of harmonization and helps align my creative ideas. In order to create choreography and new ideas in general, I must go, I must be on the road.


Winter’s Tale | 2017 | Photo Christianne Zimmermann

The process provides peace and quiet, especially in the winter. This turned out to be a daily regeneration from rush of being in Riga city few days in a row. Saulkrasti is a perfect place where to be! Yes, yes, especially in winter!

Check out this place: http://www.visitsaulkrasti.lv/what-to-see

After walks I think easily. I am grateful. My inhale and exhale works perfectly and the lungs are filled with fragrant air! Take a chance to walk. Never say no to it! Begin with small distances, grown them time to time and chose interesting places where to go. There is one thing – you are going to be tired and seedy! 🙂

Take your best wade boots and put them into action!

IMG_20170307_172745 (1).jpg
“Like in a Fairytale” – this coffee shop is unique not only in Saulkrasti, but also throughout Latvia. Here you have the opportunity not only to taste the coffee from different parts of the world with individual coffee roasting techniques, but also appreciate the fabulous drink making technique impact on the flavour and aroma.


And for those coffee addicts (as myself) living days in capital city with large coffee menu – I can whisper – in Saulkrasti we have a great coffee. Even if driving through – stop and grab a cup in small and romantic cafe “Like in a Fairytale” | “Kā Pasakā”. I already made my debut a 2 months ago 😉 My favourite is hot chocolate with chili! More info: https://www.facebook.com/KaaPasakaa/

Have a great days, my friends!





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