Food Stories | (eng)

Food Stories | (eng)

With this post I announce, my blog will be available in english, too. Welcome, my english speaking friends!

You might be asking how it all started… this interest of food!? As we know we like food, we like to eat, we like to celebrate and make food after our best traditions and we love kitchen experiments, too. Experiences with food can be diverse each time we go into the kitchen. All ideas and thoughts around different issues helped me to create new section on the blog under “Food Stories” name.

I am planning to write about celebration, feast, holidays, parties, simple dinners, rich breakfasts, traditions, memories, smells, sauces, good and bad memories, taste and scent. I am interested in daily themes and also topics with the hook. One of them connected to bread and beer – who was first? Whether it is a question to answer?!


I am living by the sea in a beautiful place of the world and calling it my home! Sea is my true inspiration. It is different every day. To move away from capital city and living by the Baltic sea is about distance, calm and peace and out of hurry thoughts. Based on the fact that I love spending time in a kitchen the integral part of day is to cook and bake. And learn new every day! And every day it is different. I adore cakes and pastry, but also like to cook dinner for bigger company. On my blog you will find my recipes and photos made by me and experienced food photographer Emils Skrivelis (

Photographer Emils Skrivelis (

In short  – I am interested in food topic all over the world. Through food stories journey I can offer my guidance and point of view, plus anthropological perspective in which I have great interest since 2012 (finished cultural and social anthropology degree).

Photographer Emils Skrivelis (

In writing part I find something charming. In writing I trust. I always loved reading, studying, finding information. I often take notes, observe, ask, talk, communicate, and I also like people, because they can be very informative and share stories and memories. People are like small universes! I would love to share my observations, notes, thoughts and insights with you! Although useful to see what science says about the subject of food 🙂 And I believe that loads of reading helps to improve writing skills.

My point of view in writing is based on how I see my environment, the sea (I live by the Baltic sea in a town located on sea shore called Saulkrasti), inland, products, taste, smell and people who surrounds me. Also the capital city (I am from Riga) and studies in different universities, traveling around the world, has formed my vision. The great influence was my grandmother – she was a book editor, compiler and translator lifelong. She worked in largest book publishing house in Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC). A special place in our home was devoted to the books. This year is passing 12 years of my studies in dance, anatomy, choreography, pedagogy, anthropology and little bit of dance therapy. I am ready to turn over a new chapter!

Photographer Emils Skrivelis (

Have a great February Friends!

And see you soon on chapter “Food Stories“.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas, suggestions, questions and interests. And, please, do not forget to Follow.

Thank you!


Sincerely yours,

Christianne Zimmermann.




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