Just Around the Corner

Just Around the Corner

Hello, Friends!

This time I offer you to TASTE A BIT of my country living.

After all these years living in a capital city I finally return closer to my roots. More precisely, happens slight transition closer to life in the countryside. The place we call home is a small town by the sea. Small, but very beautiful one, called Saulkrasti (in a closest translation – Sunny Coast). Saulkrasti has a Nature Park “Piejūra” (“By the Sea”) and its coastal lenght – 17 km. In early 19th century the first summer cottages were built here. And since then resort grew and grew. (More info you can find in homepage http://www.visitsaulkrasti.lv/about-saulkrasti). As you can read, town has its own history and I am a witness of it already for 15 years.

Every time when we go to meet sea, I pass this small bridge. Yes, indeed sun is smiling and welcoming!

Life in the house has a lot of benefits. We can forget about all the noise, the traffic and the bustle. Whenever we want we are able to go out in the garden, go for a walk into the woods and steeps, make a photo session. It is an opportunity regularly be in hand with nature. Last time when I visited sea I met few people in my way. It was sunny midday. Across the dunes came a woman with a dog … passing by she came nearer to the shore. The distance between her and the sea shrank and she sighed when sea revealed the beauty!

The river flow we cross each time. The seacoast section stretches for 17 km.


Sea is one of the most romantic places for me. It is also wild and behind its waters hiding repulsive force. Yes, it is strong, it is beautiful and also tender! I remember past days when winter gave silver lining. The sun is brighter than ever. Water… as blue, as it can be. Behind this magic strenght is our little paradise. Sometimes it feels the rays of light are always here!

Saulkrasti | Latvia – the rays of light are always here

After long walks feeling of creativity returns in my veins. During those walks we enjoy nature and each morning it shares energy. Sometimes that is all we need! In winter it is calm and quiet. It seems that little town accumulates and gathers strenght for summer season! In summer everything goes in the air – international jazz festival “Saulkrasti Jazz” presents jazz musicians from Latvia and artists from all the world. Annual Saulkrasti Festival is a tradition during which we enjoy a sunset concert at the White Dune, as well as a brilliant concert at the Saulkrasti Open-Air Stage. Also is a possibility to rent bicycles or go on horse rides, play paintball, rent a SUP boards and go on jet-ski rides. The Seaside Park invites everyone to enjoy sunsets from comfortable sun loungers, as well as to use the playground equipment, outdoor exercising facilities, gymnastics equipment and volleyball courts.*

Water… as blue, as it can be.

I appreciate and I am grateful. In Saulkrasti everything is just “around the corner”! It is truly beautiful place – light for photographing here is special! A surprises are here, in front of the nose, only thing – need to see them!

Thank you for taking time to read this little introduction. For more information I suggest to visit Saulkrasti homepage: http://www.visitsaulkrasti.lv/about-saulkrasti. Website is available in Latvian, English, German, Russian languages! Also you can contact me for recommendations about delicious specialty coffee, glass of vine or enjoyable and pleasant meals by the sea. Last but not least – knowledge of the beautiful viewpoints where to meet heartwarming sunset.


*for more information about events, booking etc. visit http://www.visitsaulkrasti.lv/about-saulkrasti

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