The Willy Wagtail Cake (Cielaviņa)

The Willy Wagtail Cake (Cielaviņa)

Hello, Weekenders!!!

One day suspiciously wondered since when comes this cake, how old is its recipe? As my cake teacher Anna revealed, its roots are in Soviet times! First name of it was “Friendship” (“Draudzībs”)! In some bakeries you can find “Friendship”, for example at Vidzemes Maiznīca!

One day there was an opportunity to participate in masterclass. The Willy Wagtail Cake which I baked contained layers of meringue biscuits and chocolate cream – rich, but sooooo delicious! Also nuts have a role to play in its taste! Cake is made within 3 days! It is a long, long process and develops patience! And why not! Also it affects the taste! Mostly, if the recipe is written/suggested a 3-day preparation, we should stick to it.


So as it quickly disappeared in eaters bellies,  I only have a few photos…

Bon Appetit with your eyes!

Willy Wagtail Cake (Cielaviņa)

Weekenders, wishing you a great time!

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